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Easter Blessings

Dear Friends:

Happy Easter!

The Scriptures record the first words of the Risen Lord Jesus at the Resurrection Victory of Easter to be: “Peace be with you.”

Easter peace is the first gift to us from our healing God.

This Easter, in addition to all our family customs and traditions regarding dress, food, visits and ritual, let us receive these gifts of forgiveness and healing peace like never before! Let us begin in our hearts, so easily torn apart by bitterness, selfishness and jealousy.

Let this forgiveness and healing peace flow into our families and friends. May these gifts give us the courage to develop real neighborliness to those in our streets and communities and beyond. Let the lonely and left out this Easter receive not more pious sentiments, but real practical charity and care from us.

Let the forgiveness and healing peace of the Risen Lord Jesus reign this Easter! May we be filled with joy and hope.

Christ is Risen from the dead ... truly He is Risen!


Fr Bob

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