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Music Ministry


The Music Ministry Team at Saint Teresa's is alive and active, and we want you to know about the many ways you can get involved!


Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the ministry of music empowers worship and facilitates prayer in the liturgical celebration.


As an integral part of our parish life, this ministry is made up of many talented volunteers and professional musicians who are committed to creating a solemn prayer environment and joyous worship experience through music.


Encompassing a variety of styles from the rich tradition of hymnody to the songs of contemporary composers, there is something offered for every worshiper at Saint Teresa's. As fully active and conscious participants, the congregation is entrusted with an important responsibility to bring their voices and God given gifts to the entire worshiping assembly.


Whether you sing or play an instrument, we invite you to contact our Director of Music, Matthew Still, to learn how you can share your talents with the community.

   Additional Programs   

Saint Teresa of Avila Singers

This is a performance based group that sings both sacred and secular music in and out of the Saint Teresa of Avila community. On a seasonal basis, the group rehearses material once a week and participates in choral workshops, festivals, and other performance opportunities.

Christmas Children's Choir

This choir meets seasonally during Advent and is open to all children in kindergarten through eighth grade. They prepare the way for the Lord by joining together with their fellow choristers and fellow parishioners in song and sing at the Annual Music Ministry Christmas Concert, as well as on Christmas Eve.

Interested in either one?


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