Days 3 & 4 - Love One Another

Learn all about  the Bible Story of the day

Create fun, colorful items connected to the theme

Have some fun playing these cool games

Be a part of a great service project to help others

Family Prayer

Heavenly Father,


Help me to love You in all things. 
Fill my heart with joy so that I may sing.

That love is patient, love is kind.
Through Jesus, love is what I'll find.
May everything I say and do be done in goodness and faith, 
and show the world that You are God- awesome and great!


Bible Discovery

Sing- Along

Learning Plan

1. Begin with family prayer

2. Watch the Bible Discovery video and learn the Sing-Along

3. The Big Activity: Make a Rainbow to show your appreciation to our essential workers. You can hang it in the window, or make it outside on the sidewalk or driveway.
4. Family Commitment: Discuss how you and your family can do at least one act of service this summer that shows God’s love to others.

5. Bedtime & Family Prayer: Re-read the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10: 25-37  and end the day with the family prayer 


Make A Kindness Calendar

How many kind deeds could you do for an entire month? Create and decorate a kindness calendar with your family filled with ideas of how to be more loving and kind to others. Here our friends tell us a bit more about how to make our own kindness calendars.

Memory Verse Band-Aid

The words of God in our Bible stories are meant to help, guide, and heal us. This wonderful craft project will be a great way to remember the bible verse from our story, and Rebecca and her mom show us how to make our very own.


Say Something Nice Snowballs

Did you know that you can play with snow in July? Yup! With this fun game, you will have a chance to have a snowball fight in the summer while also focusing on what it means to show kindness to others.

To play this fun game, you will need things that are white and lightweight to throw around. You can use, balled up pieces of paper, cotton balls, or even marshmallows as your "snow". 

step 1: Create as many "snowballs" as you can

step 2: Spread the "snowballs" around your yard or room to start the game.
step 3: When the leader says start, throw the "snowballs" that you find in the direction of the others who are playing with you. Keep throwing until the leader yells stop.
step 4: Pick up the "snowballs" that are around you into a pile. For every "snowball" you have, you have to say something nice about the others who are playing the game with you. 

Variation: You can turn this game into a "snowball" hunt by hiding the snowballs all around and trying to find as many as you can. 


Additional Games

  • Characteristics Coin Tower Challenge:
          -using as many coins as you can, take turns building a tower by stacking the coins on top of one another for one minute. Each time a coin is placed, name a characteristic that people that makes them uniquely created in the image and likeness of God. You can say characteristics like hair color, dimples, abilities, etc. How many can you think of?


  • Kick-Up Catch:
          -using rolled-up socks, bean bags, or small ball, kick up your ball into the air and try to catch it as many times as you can for one minute. Every time you kick up and catch your ball, share a way you can serve others with love. Try to come up with as many unique service ideas as possible. If the ball drops or you cannot name a way, you pass on the turn to another player.


Donations for Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes is the food pantry ministry at St Teresa of Avila that works to provide bags of food to those in need every week. This ministry relies on the generous donations from the community to be able to pack 75-80 bags of groceries weekly. Our VBS goal is to help stock the pantry with the items that are needed. Take a look at the list below and create a family plan of what you will donate. Donations can be brought to the St Teresa of Avila Parish office building at 306 Morris Avenue / Summit. NJ