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Marriage Preparation

Getting Started

The sacrament of marriage and its preparation are taken seriously at St Teresa of Avila. In asking the Church to witness your marriage, you are tacitly noting your willingness to cooperate with its theology and protocol. The priest or deacon witnessing your wedding needs to certify that you share in and believe what the Church teaches about marriage.

Wedding preparation customarily begins 12 months prior to the expected date of the wedding and begins with submitting the completed Wedding Handbook of signed agreements and a meeting with the pastor.

An initial meeting with the pastor will be scheduled once the preliminary paperwork is received, including recently issued sacramental certificates, notating Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation for both the bride and the groom (at least one must be a baptized Catholic in order for the couple to be married in the Catholic church). Please contact the parish of your baptism to request that this certificate be mailed to St Teresa of Avila - 306 Morris Ave, Summit, NJ 07901. 
All other documents may be scanned and submitted via email to Matthew Still - Director of Liturgy and Music:

*Please do not fax any documents to the parish.


Preliminary Paperwork:

1. Wedding Handbook - completed and signed by both the bride and groom

2. Color scans of current and valid forms of identification, front and back, for both the bride and groom

3. Sacramental certificates - recently issued, signed, and sealed by the parish priest (no scanned copies / originals must be mailed to St Teresa)

4. Letter of permission to be married here from the pastor of the parish where the couple is registered and actively attending mass. This should be mailed directly to the pastor - Msgr Robert Meyer - St Teresa of Avila - 306 Morris Ave - Summit, NJ - 07901.

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