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The Children's Ministry Program


The Children's Ministry program brings kids and parents together to learn about the faith. Our program is focused on making weekly Mass the most important element. There are once a month gatherings for families to come together to learn about the foundations of our faith and our virtual programming to bring the faith from church to home.


The Children's Ministry program offers a variety of experiences for families in the parish with children with elementary-age students. We believe that elementary-age children learn and form faith best when parents are directly involved in the process.

The primary aspects of the program are threefold:

1. Weekly Sunday Mass (in person or live-streamed)

2. Monthly Faith Formation Sessions [Faith FX]

3. Monthly At Home Family Challenges

Sunday Mass is the "source and summit" of our faith. Any faith formation program without Mass is a waste of time. We have designed our Family Masses to be more educational, interactive, and inspirational for our children. 

Although Faith Formation in the past three decades has primarily occurred in the classroom, we believe that the more effective "classroom" is the home. When parents partner with the parish to enrich the faith life of their children, a more impactful  journey is fostered in raising our kids Catholic in the Catholic faith. We provide parents with resources to give them the tools needed to bring grow the domestic church.

Finally, our once a month, Family Faith Formation Event [FAITH FX] brings all of our families together: parents and children, to learn about the theme for the month. We gather together not just to learn about our faith but to experience it. In Faith FX, families encounter music,  learning activities, service projects, prayerful experiences, bible discovery, and more to grow in God with faith and fun!



Parent Cue


Parent Cue is our library of resources and at-home webinars to help families bring the faith from Church to home.

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Small Groups


Styled in small group fashion, rather than
the classroom model, these sessions provide children with an opportunity to deepen their faith and learn about key pillars of our Catholic life. Each month, the children go on a QUEST- a mission to grow closer to God
through hands on activities, games, bible study, discussions, and service projects.

ENCOUNTER Communion Prep

ENCOUNTER is our sacramental preparation program for children in grades 2 and above who are ready to ready to receive the Eucharist. 



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