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Middle and High School can be an exciting and stressful time. We're here to help you discover what it means to live a life as a follower of Jesus Christ. Whether you've gone to Church all your life, or you're not sure what you think about God, we're here for you.

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5 - 8 Grade 

9 - 12 Grade 

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Think Small

Each month, we offer a small group series for middle schoolers called NOVA,  which focuses on a different topic in the Catholic faith and allows them to connect in a smaller setting.  Participants must first be registered for Edge.
ALPHA is a 9 week series using engaging visuals to look at a different question around faith and is designed to create a space where students can come together, ask anything they want about the faith, and discover God's purpose for them.
OMEGA lets high schoolers take the lead, use their skills to create projects and develop skills to put their faith into action well after high school.
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