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We are looking for motivated, talented people to join our team as we serve the Catholic community of over 2200 families called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. We have over 50 ministries, as well as a flourishing religious education program and School.

Our parish is led by Msgr Robert Meyer (Father Bob) and we always encourage new team members to join us! View our job listings below.


Can I buy yak meat?

Yes, you can. If you are in Alberta we can make that happen. -You can contact us and we can discuss a pickup or delivery. -You can purchase it at Community Natural Foods in Calgary, AB. -You can purchase it at The Organic Box, online in Edmonton, AB. -You can purchase it at Ranch Gate Market in Sylvan Lake, AB. If you are not in Alberta, we are sorry, we can not make that work.

What are yak fibers stats?

Yak fiber is an amazing fiber. -It's biggest downfall is that it is difficult to get processed as the staple length of the fibers is only about 1 inch. -Yak fiber is between 10-15 microns, making it very soft. (Cashmere soft) -It is 10-40% warmer than Merino wool -It is 5% more absorbent than Merino wool -It has antibacterial properties -It is incredibly breathable -These qualities make it resistant to odor -Due to its unique compound, yak fiber is static resistant - It has more amino acids, and protiens than your average fiber, making it more durable than another fiber of similar diameter.

How is the fiber harvested?

Yak hair is very warm. In the spring the yaks shed their wooly winter hair. We collect this hair by combing it off of them, and putting it to use. This helps them shed quicker and not overheat in the summer sun.

Do you kill animals for the skulls and hides?

The animals that these products are made from are being used to produce meat. Instead of wasting these bi-products we re-purpose them, and turn them into beautiful, one of a kind decor.

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