Days 1 & 2 - God Loves the World

Learn all about  the Bible Story of the day

Create fun, colorful items connected to the theme

Have some fun playing these cool games

Be a part of a great service project to help others

Family Prayer

God of All Creation,
We are thankful for all of your good gifts ~
   for the brilliance of the sun and the softness of moonlight,
   for the grass and the trees and the flowers with colors bright,
   for the animals that prance, crawl, swim, and slither,
   for the breeze and gentle raindrops that glimmer,
   for our lives, You have wonderfully formed out of love,
  We thank you for all the blessings you've given us from above. Amen.


Bible Discovery

Sing- Along

Learning Plan

1. Begin with family prayer

2. Watch the Bible Discovery video and learn the Sing-Along
3. The Big Activity: Go on a nature walk to appreciate God’s creation with your family / Take a photo of your favorite part of God’s creation that you see that you can share with your VBS family. 

4. Family Commitment: Discuss how you and your family can keep God’s creation beautiful and create a pledge poster to help you remember your promise
5. Bedtime & Family Prayer: Re-read the story of creation (Genesis 1 & 2) as a bedtime time story  and end the day saying the family prayer together


Found Art

Making art out of recyclables! Ella and Maddie show us some awesome artwork we can make using recyclable materials that are awesome and protect God's creation.

What cool creations will you come up with?

Additional Craft Activities

  • Make a creation collage by cutting out pictures from magazines that depict the parts of God's creation and pasting them together to make a neat poster.

  • Create your own storybook of the story of creation representing God’s creation.


Sweep it Up

A fun relay game to play with your family while also discussing how God loves the world and loves us. Watch our friends teach us how to play.

Additional Games

  • Play Hopscotch using the numbers as the days in the story of Creation.

  • Build your best paper airplanes and take them out to play a new version of cornhole.


Carebags for BRIDGES

BRIDGES Outreach helps to try to end homelessness by working with volunteers to provide those in need with the essentials and care necessary. Our commUNITY VBS partners each year to help BRIDGES in any way we can. This year, our goal to help is to decorate and donate brown paper lunch bags that will be used to pack lunches for the homeless. Watch Lydia as she tells us more about this service project!
All decorated bags are due by noon on Friday and can be porch dropped to 24 Ford Place / New Provide, NJ

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