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Request a Baptism

Parents wishing to have their child baptized must:

1. Be registered with the parish

2. Regularly attend weekend Mass

3. Support the parish for at least three (3) months

All of the above are necessary whether the child is being baptized at St Teresa's or
you are requesting a letter of permission to have your child baptized at another church. 

To begin the process or to request the letter of permission to have a baptism celebrated elsewhere, please:
1. Download and complete the Request Form below.

2. Attain an original Church sealed sponsor form for each Godparent.
This can be attained by the Godparent contacting their home Parish.

3. Attain a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Please send all 3 of the above items to St Teresa's, either by mail or by dropping them off at the Parish Offices.
These items are needed in order to schedule a meeting with Fr Bob.

¿Para ver el procedimiento en español?

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