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QUEST is a small group series for children in grades 1-4.


Offered each month with 3 meeting opportunities that build on each other, our QUEST series will provide the children an opportunity to deepen their faith and learn about key pillars.


Each month they will go on a QUEST- a mission to grow closer to God through hands-on activities, games, discussions, friendship, and prayer. Our QUEST series is a chance for your children to discover faith in meaningful, engaging ways.


  Please note that in order to participate in QUEST, children must be signed up for either FAITH FX or ENCOUNTER first.


All sessions are on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM in the Avila Room of the St Teresa School.  

Children attend alone and are guided by 2 team members of our Faith Formation program who facilitate the sessions.

These are limited due to the number of groups we can reasonably accommodate.

Sign up for the months you would like.




Oct 6, 2020
Oct 20, 2020
Oct 27, 2020
Nov 10, 2020
Nov 17, 2020
Nov 24, 2020
Dec 8, 2020
Dec 15, 2020
Dec 22, 2020




Jan 5, 2021
Jan 12, 2021
Jan 26, 2021
Feb 2, 2021
Feb 9, 2021
Feb 23, 2021
Mar 9, 2021
Mar 16, 2021
Mar 23, 2021


Apr 13, 2021
Apr 20, 2021
Apr 27, 2021

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