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Cost of Discipleship - What Do You Want To See?

Where have you been today, Bartimaeus?

“I’ve been in a world of hunger and fear and darkness.

I’ve been by the side of the road I name despair.

I’ve been cast off, like something beyond repair.”

What have you heard today, Bartimaeus?

“I’ve heard the pain of those who cry for justice.

I’ve heard the pain of those who cry for peace.

I’ve heard someone is near who brings release.”

What do you need today, Bartimaeus?

“I need to know that joy can rise from ashes.

I need to know that hope can rise from grief.

I need to see the sun touch the lifted leaf.”

What did you do today, Bartimaeus?

“I called to the Son of David who comes to save us.

I called to the One who mercy freely gives.

I called to the One whose power opened my grave.”

Where are you going today, Bartimaeus?

“To be with Christ as he brings new days to others.

To follow the One who’s brought me this new sight.

To share with all God’s people this new life.”

We continue with our October Message Series on the Cost of Discipleship, focusing today on What do I want to see?

It’s kind of ironic that the Scriptures teach us to see, by using the story of a blind man, named Bartimaeus. Let’s look more closely at what Bartimaeus saw, and pray the Lord gives us those same eyes of faith. The recited poem will help us with that focus …

· Bartimaeus said I’ve been in a world of hunger and fear