• Father Bob Meyer

Celebrating All God's People

Dear Friends:

June was a month of many celebrations secular and religious, among them baptisms, weddings, first communions, graduations, and retirements. We congratulate all who celebrated these big steps.

June is also a month where the church calendar was filled, in fact, perhaps more filled than other months. We celebrated:

Saint Justin the Martyr, who taught us that Jesus is God’s incarnation

Saints Marcellinus and Peter, priest and exorcist respectively

Saint Charles Lwanga and companions, who gave their life to fight evil

Saint Boniface, the monk who brought Christianity to Germany

Corpus Christi, the celebration of the source and summit of our faith

Saint Ephrem, one of the most notable hymnographers

Sacred Heart of Jesus, celebrated God’s boundless and passionate love for us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, celebrated the tenderness, charity and sweetness of the Lord

Saint Albert Chmielowski, who served the homeless

Saint Anthony, whose bread feeds the hungry

Saint Romauld, who struggled and conquered temptations against purity

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, cared for victims of an epidemic

Saint John Fisher, who defended the church

Saint Thomas More, who opposed the Protestant Reformation

Saint John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Jesus

Saint Josemarie Escriva de Balaguer, who taught that ordinary life can result in sanctity

Saint Ireneaus, who helped the Church grow in southern France and combating heresy

Saints Peter and Paul, our first pope and great teacher, respectively

First Martyrs of Rome, who gave example that the believe has a cost

For many of our gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, and questioning fellow believers, June is also the month of pride.

Unlike any other month, June afforded us the opportunity each day to celebrate the beautiful diversity of God’s creation within the human family, saint and sinner alike. As we move to the quiet of the summer months, I pray that as believers and as people of good will, we will be able to focus on the inherent dignity, value and worth of all God’s people, and that we will walk humbly with our God and respectfully with one another too.

Recently, I came across this prayer. May we make it our own as we pray each day for ourselves and each another.

Blessings! Happy Summer!

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