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Believe and Be...

So Holy Week begins. And year after year, we hear and participate in the presentation of the Passion of the Lord … but what does it mean? What does it all mean to us and the rest of the world? Over the course of Lent, we have been following the theme BELIEVE: BELIEVE when facing temptation BELIEVE and be transfigured BELIEVE and be fruitful BELIEVE and be forgiven BELEVE and be free Do you believe? No, I mean really, do you believe in what we are celebrating this week, despite the human struggles we face – internal and external. The difficulty for the first followers of Jesus is just as real for us as we live in the world right now. And while there are many examples in the Sacred Scriptures, the life of the prophet Daniel has given us a good and excellent example of a person full of integrity. God wants all Christians to follow his life as witness to an unbelieving community. And Daniel says that: … our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness ... But despite all that, How Do We Represent Jesus in an Unjust Culture? While there are many, I offer these four marks of integrity that allow us to represent Jesus in an unjust culture. 1. Have and excellent attitude – weaving Gospel principles into everyday life 2. Be faithful in your work – business, parenting, etc. 3. Be aware of accountability – how we share what we have 4. Consistently walk with God – alone and with others We know well that • We will seldom receive what we expect from people – think of Judas • We will always receive what is promised from the Lord – think of Mary • Our ability to handle human injustice and divine goodness is directly related to the length of your walk with Jesus – think of the disciples on the road to Emmaus So, this week, apart from all others … think and make time to reflect on: • What is involved in my daily devotions? • How consistent am I in doing them? • How effective is my prayer time? • How can I improve my integrity? The events of Holy Week have changed the story of human history – will we allow that story to change ours?


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