Marriage Preparation

Music Selection

Music can express the realities of our faith in a way in which words alone cannot. Music is an integral part of all of our worship. In the wedding liturgy, music seeks to assists us in prayer and express our beliefs in Christian married love in a joyful, and dignified way, therefore only sacred music will be permitted at the liturgy.

Our Music Director will assist you in planning this aspect of the celebration.


Prior to your wedding, he will contact you and invite you to attend a Planning Session for Wedding Music held at our church. He will assist you in finding a vocalist and other instrumentalists if you desire such.


The music director and cantor’s fee is included in your Church fee. This includes: (1) Planning Session; (2) Playing at the wedding; (3) One rehearsal on the day of the wedding with any additional musicians; (4) Additional rehearsals with musicians are $100.

Please do not make any decisions regarding music and musicians without first speaking with the music director.

Questions about what music is approved?

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