ENCOUNTER Communion Prep

ENCOUNTER provides families and children with a Sacramental Preparation for 1st Communion that incorporates both virtual and safe,

in-person opportunities.

Incorporating our 3 Goals, Knowing [being informed through hands-on learning], Growing [being formed through faith experiences], and Living [being transformed through faith in action], ENCOUNTER will offer families the opportunity have to have virtual formation using FlipGrid group boards and some in-person experiences to compliment.

Scroll down to learn more about the components of the ENCOUNTER program.

ENCOUNTER Program Components

Sunday Mass: In-Person or Livestream

Goal - Growing Mass is the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. Especially as children prepare for their 1st Communion, participation in Mass is important. St Teresa currently offers 5 Sunday Masses: 7:30 AM 9 AM - Family Mass (also livestreamed) 10:30 AM (also livestreamed) 12 Noon - Spanish Mass (also livestreamed) 5 PM Families can attend any of these Masses in-person or watch virtually to engage in worship.

ENCOUNTER Flip: Virtual

Goal - Knowing ENCOUNTER Flip are digital modules utilizing the FlipGrid platform. Modules will be sent each month, with Families and children able to complete the modules together at their own convenience. Engagement in and completion of these modules will ensure that children receive the catechesis necessary for preparation for their 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion.

Accompany Nights: In-Person

Goal - Living & Growing Accompany Nights constitute in-person gatherings that help ensure that children and families are connected. Accompany Nights allow different children and families in the preparation program to connect for preparartion experiences.

Communion Retreat: Virtual*

Goal - Living & Growing The Retreat experience is an important part of sacramental preparation for both children and families. This Retreat will be conducted virtually and utilize different means to allow for engagement, reflection, and prayer. * The retreat will be planned for a virtual occurence unless things change given what develops with the pandemic and social distancing.

Family Pods: Virtual

Goal - Knowing ENCOUNTER Family Pods are monthly gatherings on ZOOM where our First Communion Families come together to discuss, pray, and engage in an activity focused on the immportance of the sacraments they are preparing for.

Items to Note

  • A Zoom Open House will be held in September for first time 1st Communion families to introduce them to the program and the goals of the year.


  • 1st Communion programming is currently set to begin in October 2020.     Due to the uncertain nature of COVID-19, dates/times are subject to change.

  • Per Canon Law and Archdiocesan rules, the celebration of all Sacraments, including Reconciliation and Communion, must be done in-person (following proper safety precautions) and cannot be received virtually. 

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