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Grades 5 - 8

Beatitudes - Part 2

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The Rosary

As we conclude October, pray a decade of the Rosary together as a family. Click below for a how to of the Rosary.

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The word Beatitude means "happiness". The Beatitudes are part of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, which outline how disciples should be and act. Watch this video for a brief overview of each one.

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Last week's "Read This" explained what Free Will is and introduced the Beatitude way of life.

This piece will go over each individual Beatitude and give questions to consider how to live each one.

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Read Matthew 5: 1-11 and discuss the expectations that Jesus has for his disciples.

Then, discuss the expectations that you have for one another as a family. Use this as an opportunity to do an examination of conscience.

1. What areas are going well as a family?
2. What areas need improvement? 

Finish your conversation in prayer.

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