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Grades 5 - 8


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Wedding of Cana Gospel

Begin by reading and praying with the Gospel about the Wedding at Cana 

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In this video, Catholic Speaker Fr Mike Schmitz explains what we mean when we call Mary our Mother.

After reading the passage, journal on the following questions:

- What role does Mary play in the passage?

- What does Mary tell the servants to do?

- How is this an example how Mary intercedes for us today?

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This week's "Read This" helps dive into what Catholics really believe about Mary, opening up three key areas: the Immaculate Conception, the Annunciation, and Mary as the New Eve.

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The Rosary is a powerful form of prayer, in which we meditate on the Gospels and ask for Mary's help. Like the Wedding of Cana, it is a way that Mary brings us closer to her Son, Jesus.

Click below to learn how to pray the Rosary, or to learn the different mysteries of the Rosary. 

Then, pray a Rosary together. If an entire Rosary seems daunting at first, then pray a decade together. Then work on adding another at a different time until you slowly work up to praying an entire Rosary.

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