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Grades 5 - 8

The Resurrection

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Easter Gospel

Begin by reading and praying with the Gospel reading from Easter Sunday: John 20:1-9.

Click below for a  guide to praying with this passage.

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In this video, Catholic Speaker Joel Stepanek talks about Easter and the Resurrection.

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This week's "Read This" looks at the Resurrection. While we may struggle with doubt at times and perhaps even question the Resurrection's authenticity, the Resurrection was real.

Author, former reporter for the Chicago Tribune, and former atheist Lee Strobel wrote "The Case for Christ". In it, Strobel investigates the belief in Jesus' death and resurrection with various experts and outlines the proofs he finds. Access a pdf version by clicking below.

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Discussion Questions:

- When you imagined yourself in the story, were you more like Peter or John? How so?

- What are the positive aspects of Peter’s response to the Resurrection? What are the positive aspects of John’s response to the Resurrection?

- How do both Peter and John serve as examples of a response to the Resurrection?

- What can we draw from Peter and John’s responses to the Resurrection and apply to our lives?

- Do you believe in the Resurrection? Why or why not?


Bring hope to other people during this time. You can:

- Call someone you know is alone or homebound

- Teach someone how to use a virtual meeting app (facetime, zoom, skype, google hangouts, etc) so they can see people while isolated

- Drop off items for the Loaves & Fishes food pantry (see below)

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