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Grades 5 - 8

Knowing God

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The Greatest Commandments


Pray by reading Matthew 22:37-39. Then, discuss:

- What stuck out to you about the passage?

- If you really look at what Jesus commands, what does this look practically in real life?

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To know God means to also be in relationship with God. In order to best do this, God established boundaries, or commandments, to this relationship so that we can both focus on Him and realize who we are called to be. The "Watch This" helps us discover what these boundaries are.

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The "Read This" helps us dive deeper into what the boundaries God gave us are and how we can use them to both know God and "live free". Click below to read it.

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How do we live out these boundaries and grow to know and love God more closely? Click below for this week's "Do This", which give ideas on how to enact the Commandments. Go over them together and commit to one each week. Track your progress, how successful you are at enacting each one as you go, and revisit this as a family each week to hold one another accountable.

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