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Grades 5 - 8


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The Our Father Examination

Pray the Our Father together as a family. Use the version attached below, which provides questions for each phrase of the prayer to help reflect on how well we honor and serve others.

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Our decisions, and our ability to discern how best to honor and serve others, are rooted in our consciences.

Conscience formation is an essential part of being Catholic. Watch this video to learn more about what conscience is and how to us it.

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This "Read This" helps you delve into what conscience is and how we can "calibrate our compass" through a few easy steps so that we can make decisions that honor and serve others.

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Build  the habit of making an Examen each day. The Examen is a spiritual exercise that helps individuals process their day, learn from it, give thanks, and ask for God's grace.

Click below for a sample on how to practice the Examen. Work toward making an Examen each day as part of forming your conscience.

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