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Grades 1 - 4

Trust - Part 1

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Come Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit, come
Let your bright beams arise,
Shake the worry from our minds,
And open all our eyes.

Revive our drooping faith,
Our doubts and fears remove,
And kindle in our hearts the flame
Of everlasting Love. Amen!

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What does it mean to trust in God? In this video, the concept of trusting in God because He is good, kind, and loving is explained so that our children can learn to rely on Our Father.

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"In troubled times, one of the biggest challenges parents face is knowing how to transfer their faith to their children" (Rainey, 2016).

The greatest call of a parent is to raise children who are strong in themselves and in their faith, but that is no easy feat. This blog post provides some food for thought and advice on how to help our children put their trust in God.

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Create a family trust poster. On one side of it, reflect and write the names of people in your lives that you can trust on. On the other side, come up with some ways of how your family can trust in God. Decorate and display the poster in a central place as a reminder of how your family is putting their trust in God.

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