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Grades 1 - 4

Trust - Part 2

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Prayer of Trust
By Cathy Gilmore

Please, Jesus, give me a humble heart, 
that I may trust you for everything.
I am small, but You are big enough to take care of me, always.

Fill my heart with your love and your joy!
Help me to remember that you do big things with even the smallest ones like me.
Jesus, I TRUST in YOU! Amen!

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There are many passages in scripture that speak to us about putting our trust in God. One such passage that children can surely understand is Proverbs 3:5. 

This fun animated music video will help your children reflect on the meaning of the passage and celebrate the trust they have in God.

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Trust is an easy aspect of life to have when things are going well. But what happens to us in times of struggle or sadness? Trust can be hard for adults when we're struggling, and even more difficult for children. 

This informative piece by Rachel Wojo provides parents with 5 practical ways to help children trust in God no matter what.

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Sometimes we have to be reminded that even in all of our plans, we must still put our trust in God because He is ultimately in control.

Have a family meeting this week to look at your schedules together. Engage in a "What If" discussion as your look at what you have planned to find ways you can trust God and in the trustworthy people in your lives. For example, what if I have difficult homework this week? ... I can trust mom or dad to help me. Or what if I get nervous about my soccer game? ... I can trust that God will give me courage.

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