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Grades 1 - 4

In the Mary Month of May

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An Act of Consecration to Mary

O my Queen, O my Mother
I love you and give myself to you.
I give to you this day (point to each)
my eyes,
my ears,
my mouth,
my heart,
my whole self.
Since I am yours, keep me and guard me as your child forever.

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To understand and love Jesus is to celebrate the beautiful role that his Holy Mother, Mary, played in giving the world the Savior. She was chosen for the incredible role of not only being the mother of God as the Son, but also the Blessed Mother of the world. When we turn to her with our prayers, she lovingly intercedes for us to her beloved Son. So how could we not have a love and devotion to Mary.

Watch the video below as a family to better understand why the Chuch honors (not worships) Mary. 

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The Blessed Mother is an important figure in our faith. And while we do not worship her, we hold many special devotions to her that help us deepen our relationships with God. We turn to Mary as we would turn to our own mothers in times of joy, in times of need, in times of questioning, and in times of sorrow. Mary counsels and cares for her children.

This article will help you to understand not only why the Blessed Mother is important in our Catholic faith, but also how God works in our lives through her intercession. As she was chosen full of grace, she advocates to God for our graces when we turn to her. 

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One of the ways we can honor Mary is by taking our needs to her in prayer. Like a mom, she cares for each of us as our Blessed Mother and takes our prayers to her Son. Praying the Rosary is one of those special ways we can go to Mary in prayer. The Rosary is a special prayer that lets us focus on the life of Jesus and His Holy Mother together. 

Begin to pray the Rosary together as a family. Even if it is just a decade at a time, incorporating this beautiful experience as a family will provide you with a meaningful way to meditate on Mary and Jesus. Feel free to use pictures or child-friendly versions as you begin to help develop this wonderful habit. You may also want to use the resources below to help.

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