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Grades 1 - 4

Easter - He is Risen!

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The Jelly Bean Prayer

Red is for the blood you gave,
and Black is for the empty grave!
Yellow is for the shining sun, 
White is for the new life begun.
Green is for the grass and trees,
and Purple is for your majesty!
Orange is for the edge of night, 
and Pink is for the morning light.
God, fill my heart and my life with the joy of the Risen Christ!

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Easter is a season that we celebrate for 50 days, spanning from Easter Sunday to Pentecost. We celebrate and rejoice Jesus' victory over death and the glory of our salvation during these days as our scripture stories tell us of his many visits after the Resurrection.


The video below is a short family devotional to help your family pray and discuss the importance of Easter and Jesus' sacrifice of love.

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As glorious as the story of the Resurrection may be, it can sometimes be an uneasy topic for parents to delve into with children. With themes about death, betrayal, and sacrifice, some parents often find it difficult to talk about the Easter story in a way that doesn't scare their children.

The article below offers some wonderful tips for discussing the Easter story and its many serious themes. No matter what, there are two key points to remember as you engage in faith conversations with your children during this time:
1. despite the struggle of death, Jesus wonderfully rose again to win our salvation.

2. parents will always play the most vital role in the faith development of their children.

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Easter is not just a day in our faith, but rather a season with 8 Sundays for us to celebrate the Risen Christ. At the core of all of our celebrations is the word Alleluia which we gladly proclaim as praise to God.


Well, the word Alleluia has 8 letters in it which seems fitting for the season of Easter. This season, you are challenged to live out your Alleluia as a family.

Each Sunday take a letter of the word Alleluia and set a family goal or activity that can be done that begins with that particular letter. For example, the letter L could be letter writing to send a card or a special note to spread joy to a friend or family. By Pentecost, you will have lived out your Easter joy in special and creative ways as a family.

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