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Grades 1 - 4

Honoring & Serving Others

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We Are One

God in Heaven, Hear our prayers.
Keep us in Your loving care. Be our guide in all we do. Bless all those who love us, too. Show us the ways to help each other, and help us to remember that we are all sisters and brothers.


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Teaching our children to honor others begins with showing respect and learning how to treat others with dignity. 

Watch this short video as a family to learn what it means to show respect to others and to treat others as you'd like to be treated. 

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Teaching our children to honor others can seem like an easy idea, but become a tricky plan to put into practice. How do we ensure that our kids are honoring the people and relationships in their lives?

This article by Dr. Scott Turansky helps to provide some practical ways to make honoring others a regular part of your family's experience.

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-Read Romans 12: 9-13
-Discuss the meaning of honor as a family
-Create a 3-part chart with the categories of 'honor God' , 'honor others', 'honor self' 
-Each night as a family, discuss the ways that you showed honor throughout the day. Decide which of the categories the actions of the day fall under. 
-Bring your deeds to God in prayers of thanksgiving nightly. 

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