PURPOSE Connected

PURPOSE Connected provides families and children a completely 

virtual Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation.

Incorporating our 3 Goals, Knowing [being informed through hands on learning], Growing [being formed through faith experiences], and Living [being transformed through faith in action], PURPOSE Connected will offer teens the opportunity to participate virtually using FlipGrid group boards and Zoom sessions to allow moments for interactive experiences with other teens while being remote.

The overall purpose of immediate preparation for Confirmation is to help individuals:

  • Draw closer to Christ and the Church (cf CCC 1303)

  • Develop the correct disposition to the Sacrament, so that they may experience its effects and bear witness to the faith (cf  Cann 879, 890)

  • Discern that this is the appropriate time for them to receive the Sacrament                      (cf Cann 890-891)

Preparation for Confirmation, in a manner of speaking, is a step in becoming an engaged and lifelong disciple.


Confirmation is not something individuals have to do.

Rather, it is something they get to do. 


To this end, it should be understood that Confirmation preparation is not an isolated program or process, but should occur as an integrated part of a larger discipleship path that spans the entirety of Youth Ministry (Grades 5 - 12). More specifically, this pathway and preparation genuinely begins at Baptism. 


Ultimately, the long-term success of Confirmation preparation depends on a candidate and family’s willingness to be formed before, during, and after the immediate preparation for Confirmation. 

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PURPOSE Connected Components

Sunday Mass Livestream

Goal - Growing Mass is the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. Especially as teens prepare for their Confirmation, participation in Mass is important. St Teresa currently livestreams 3 Masses each Sunday, including: 9 AM - Family Mass (geared toward children) 10:30 AM 12 Noon - Spanish Mass Families can tune in to any of these Masses virtually engage in worship and make a spiritual communion.

Spirit Led

Goal - Knowing Spirit Led is a digital, self-paced process for Confirmation candidates utilizing the FlipGrid platform. Each month, candidates will digitally be sent two items to complete. These items can include digital modules, family/ project, prayer activity, or guided sessions with their Sponsors, with one month never having two items from the same category. Each item will have a “submission” to ensure that candidates are completing the items and receive the catechesis for Confirmation Preparation.

Purpose Online

Goal - Growing Purpose Online constitute virtual gatherings utilizing the Zoom platform. While virtual learning has pros, one of the challenges is ensuring that teens are connected. Purpose Online will feature music, an activity, message, and discussion. Form questions in regard to safe envrionment for virtual meetings, please see our guidelines HERE.

Game Changer Project

Goal - Living Each Confirmation candidate must complete a Game Changer project during the course of the year. This entails picking a population in need, learning about them, and identifying a way to serve them. Candidates will then plan and complete the Game Changer project. At the end, candidates must submit a final product, which shares what they did to be a Game Changer in the community, that can be shared with the Parish.

Items to Note

  • A Zoom Open House will be held in September for Confirmation Families. The exact date and time will be shared via email. 

  • Confirmation programming is currently set to begin in October 2020. Due to the uncertain nature of COVID-19, dates/times are subject to change. 

  • A Confirmation Retreat (virtual and/or in-person) is still to be determined. More information will be shared at a later date.

  • Per Canon Law and Archdiocesan rules, the celebration of all Sacraments, including Confirmation, must be done in-person (following proper safety precautions) and cannot be received virtually. 

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