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OMEGA Interns would work as part of the Faith Formation Team to organize and help lead various aspects of the Youth Ministry (Grades 5 - 12) in the Parish and for teens in the wider Summit community. These aspects include: engagement, service, discipleship, worship, and the STA Experience. Scroll down to learn more about each one.​



Our interns for engagement are responsible for outreach and marketing to other high schoolers, including developing fun giveaways and working with social media platforms!


We want ever teen to have a place they can turn to, so these interns also work to create social events as relationship builders, especially for high schoolers looking for community.



Serving others is a key part of our Church's mission. Our interns for service help advance this mission by identifying ways we can better serve the community and developing service projects.


Interns have the opportunity to apprentice with our social outreach ministries and connect other teens to new service opportunities.



Questions of faith, Church and religion can be hard or awkward for some people. That's okay. Interns for discipleship are meant to help individuals, especially those who are questioning, learn what it means to be a follow of Christ.


They'll work to develop ways to share the faith with other teens, create engaging small groups, and craft prayer experiences.



A big part of what we do as a Church is the Mass. Our interns for worship help captain our Masses and elevate the worship experience at Mass.

This can include running our Mass tech and livestream control center, engaging as a liturgical minister, or working with our music ministry.

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STA Experience

In the end, we want to make sure people feel connected and that they belong here, especially those without a community.

Interns for the STA Experience focus on developing ways to share hospitality, follow up with new teens or guests, and create a "friendship culture" where individuals are known by name and missed when they're gone. 

Want to learn more?​

Interested in becoming an intern for a specific area?

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