Confirmation Preparation

The overall purpose of immediate preparation for Confirmation is to help individuals:

  • Draw closer to Christ and the Church (cf CCC 1303)

  • Develop the correct disposition to the Sacrament, so that they may experience its effects and bear witness to the faith (cf  Cann 879, 890)

  • Discern that this is the appropriate time for them to receive the Sacrament                (cf Cann 890-891)

Our hope at St Teresa is that through Confirmation Preparation, teens are able to develop the following skill-sets in route to Confirmation, and Full Initiation in the Church, to aid them in a life-long relationship with Christ:

  1. Is Rooted in God  

  2. Serves Others 

  3. Knows & Shares the Catholic Faith

  4. Has an active Prayer Life

  5. Is a genuine Christian friend

  6. Is connected to the Church community

Preparation for Confirmation, in a manner of speaking, is a step in becoming an engaged and lifelong disciple.


Confirmation is not something individuals have to do.

Rather, it is something they get to do. 


To this end, it should be understood that Confirmation preparation is not an isolated program or process, but should occur as an integrated part of a larger discipleship path that spans the entirety of Youth Ministry (Grades 5 - 12). More specifically, this pathway and preparation genuinely begins at Baptism. 


Ultimately, the long-term success of Confirmation preparation depends on a candidate and family’s willingness to be formed before, during, and after the immediate preparation for Confirmation. 


Parent Meeting

There will be two Parent Meetings held on April 20 & 22 at 6:30 PM in Memorial Hall to share specifics about Confirmation Liturgies. Parents only need to attend one of these nights. This can be selected during registration.


Confirmation Liturgies

Two Confirmation Liturgies will be celebrated in the St Teresa Main Church. During registration you will be able to select which Liturgy to attend. 


Each Liturgy will have a Rehearsal time the night before that is attached to it. Rehearsal times cannot be swapped. Candidates and their sponsors must attend the Rehearsal attached to the Liturgy they pick.

Due to seating capacity, there is a strict limit of 55 candidates per Liturgy. Once a Liturgy is full, a candidate cannot be added unless someone drops from that time.

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